I’m a married mom of 3 kids, a cat and a doodle dog.

My kids keep me on my toes. They are why I do what I do. Photographs became a hobby and then a business because I wanted to capture more of them... 

This is what i do & why i do it-they're only young once!

I'm Silvie

ontario photographer

I'm Silvie

ontario photographer


joyful things 
 a good book, sitting by the fire, watching the sunset

Go-to tea order

London Fog

favorite movie

Lord of the Rings

a book i couldn't put down

The Count of MonteCristo

favorite time of year

End of Summer / Fall

I live in Grey Bruce Ontario. I listen to a lot of music, enjoy foreign films and movies in general. I own a record player and am slowly growing my collection of vinyl records. I like to hike, swim, bike ride, and do a little yoga. It gets me out of the house as in the winter I become quite the hermit and burrow under thick blankets with a book in hand. 

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now i go on adventures with you! capturing your loves.

I’m a little embarrassed to say but when I was little I collected bazooka Joe gum. They had a little comic inside, that I loved. I was that little girl that dressed like a boy with the baseball hat and glove in hand blowing pink bazooka Joe bubbles as I tossed the ball around. At the time I had a goal in mind. If I mailed in so many (I forget how many but I remember the glass jar I kept them in) bazooka gum wrappers I could earn a camera!!

I really still like the idea of earning a prize rather than “being lucky” and winning something so far-fetched. Anyway, I did earn the camera though it took what felt like forever. I still remember it.. It was a film camera, black in colour and it felt a bit toyish, but it worked! I would go around my house taking pictures of anything: the dog, a leaf, a tiny bit of grass, tree bark.. whatever I felt looked cool to me. I went on adventures in the woods with my camera. Those were good times.

i can't imagine doing anything else