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Wildflower Heart

"where the flowers bloom,         so does hope"
           - lady bird

"where the flowers bloom,
        so does hope" 
          - lady bird

As a family photographer, one very important thing that we do is finding locations. I often drive around backroads scoping out the ideal backdrop for photos. How the light hits, where the tree lines are, what type of vegetation can be found. These are all things I take into account when selecting a location for our photo shoot. That can change from season to season and year to year. At this time of year, the lake, was the perfect spot for family photos. Location is just one aspect a professional photographer has to take into account. I met with this family sending them the address of where and when to meet. Often times it’s some secluded area off the beaten track, by lakes, beaches, open fields, and trails. I like to tell families to think of it as an adventure! Have some fun, and they might get a little muddy, but who cares? We are making memories here!

They put their trust in me to find the perfect spot, at the perfect time of day for their photoshoot. Photographs mean so much to families and I put extra care into what I do. Photography can freeze a moment of time, and certainly this particular family wanted to have these memories as their baby boy is growing up so fast!

This happy baby loved the open air and gave me the funniest of expressions that his parents will treasure always. Look at his adorable smiles and silly faces! Everyone was in stitches laughing. That’s one thing that makes my job worthwhile: Capturing these fleeting most precious moments for this family that they can look back on forever.

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